Erick Hebauf

HIGH SCHOOL: Triton Central


HEIGHT: 5'9 



My name is Erick Hebauf and I chose DistinXion because I felt the program would help me develop as both a player and a person. My basketball goals include becoming the best possible athlete and basketball player I can through hard work and determination, also applying the skills I learn from my coaches and mentors to become a strong leader both on and off the court. Outside of basketball, I hope to develop into a leader that others look up to and someone who can be counted on in any situation. After High School, I'd like to attend college. I'm undecided on what college I'd like to attend or what I'd like to study, but I hope to either play basketball or football at the collegiate level. My dream job would to one day be an entrepreneur. Outside of basketball, I enjoy playing QB on the football team and playing video games. A fun fact about me: my favorite athlete is Baker Mayfield. 

"Without pressure there are no diamonds."