Coach Testimonials


“Five of my players participated in the DistinXion program this past off! At our summer workouts and open gym sessions, it didn't take long to tell which players were DistinXion kids. The DistinXion program is fundamentally focused and kid driven. They are more concerned with player development on and off the floor than they are with playing for accolades every weekend. Before my players began the program, I was asked what position I needed each player to play in my program, and what I needed for them to improve for the betterment of Seymour Basketball. What other program does that? None in my experience. For the rest of my coaching career, I will encourage kids to participate in the DistinXion program. They become better players on the floor and people off the floor. I would recommend DistinXion to all coaches of any level. If you want your kids and your program to get better, there is better way than them participating in DistinXion.” 

–Coach Tyler Phillips Seymour Varsity


“We have two high school players that joined DistinXion this spring. It has helped them tremendously, not just on the court but they have learned a lot about character and leadership as well. I hope to get more of our high school players involved in the future because I love everything that DistinXion stands for. It is bigger than basketball. Luke and his staff at DistinXion are in this for all of the right reasons. They do an outstanding job of bridging the gap between the high school and AAU programs. It is a great feeling to be connected with the DistinXion program.  Another thing that stands out with DistinXion is that they practice more than they play. Luke coordinates all-day training camps on Saturdays that incorporate all of the fundamentals that players need to be successful. This old school approach is what Southern Indiana basketball is all about! It has been an honor to work with Luke and DistinXion. We are all on the same mission of helping kids. I look forward to continuing to "pound the rock" with DistinXion in the future!” 

– Coach Heath Howington North Posey Varsity


"Having a player involved in the DisinXion AAU program was a tremendous blessing.  I was always in the know about where they were playing.  I had access to film and highlights.  I received reports about his development...just little things that you don't get from other AAU programs.  Then, the thing that impressed me the most was Sam's development for us as a player and a leader - he became our MVP and MIP this summer - something that there is no question in my mind was a credit to his development as a player and person as part of the DistinXion program." 

– Coach Josh Thompson Barr Reeve Varsity