Elias Kleinert

MIDDLE SCHOOL: henryville





My name is Elias Kleinert and I chose DistinXion because I want to be challenged not only physically, but mentally in the game of basketball. I also believe they can help me in other aspects of life outside of basketball. My goals within basketball are to start varsity as a freshman, earn All-State Honors, and earn a scholarship to continue playing basketball at the college level. Outside of basketball my aspirations include continuing to be a strong student, and earning the respect of my teachers and coaches. I also want to play varsity baseball and soccer as a freshman. After high school, I want to play basketball in college and work toward getting a Masters degree in both Business and Physical Science. Eventually I want to start a family and possibly own a Cross-Fit gym. My dream job would be to play in the NBA and become a coach after I retire. In my free time I enjoy playing baseball, soccer, and participating in track and field. I also like riding dirt bikes, swimming, doing cross-fit, and spending time with my family. Fun fact: I live on the same property as my grandparents, my great-grandparents, my aunt, uncle, and cousins.

“Some want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” - Michael Jordan